Operator's interface: full control and tracking over your fleet and users

70+ features for end users to run your sharing business effectively

  • Fleet and user's management

  • Real time monitoring of vehicle parameters

  • Remote vehicle and rent control

  • Heat map

  • Orders and payment history

  • Allowed usage and parking zone configuration

  • B2B account management

  • Rich and Flexible Rates and payment configurations

  • Instant billing  and e-invoicing, support of different payment gateways 

Web Interface for your team providing everything is needed for successful operations of a shared mobility service


  • Real-time fleet control

    All information about your fleet at a glance:  you can see the vehicle’s status, fuel and battery level, vehicles which are outside the allowed usage zones or which were left unlocked. 

  • Business rules configuration

    With our flexible builder, you can create unlimited number of rates for every day and hour of the week, markallowed usage and parking zones, manage low usage zones. All the changes are applied immediately.

  • Billing

    The cost of the ride is charged from the customers' bank card. After registration, the primary payment will be written off the customer’s bank card which then becomes connected to the account and all further payments will not require additional authorization.

  • Customer's identity verification

    No registration without security check possible. AVG 15 min client onboarding with automated ID check. Users can be blocked or unblocked at any time.

  • Detailed ride history

    All the information about your customers' rides is updated real-time and stored in the database. Data on the ride include information about the car, customer, GPS route data, order details

  • B2B features

    Expand your business and attract corporate customers: special rates, zones and even dedicated groups of cars can be configured. Corporate customers are able to define the list of their employees who can use your service and set monthly limits on their spendings. 

  • Data access

    All collected information is stored on your server. You can export customer, order and payment details directly from CTMS or integrate with external analytical tools using our APIs 

  • Business partnerships

    CTMS can be connected to MAAS, traffic information systems, insurance and refuelling services and many others. Define which partners can help you to grow your business and we will take of integration. 

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