Launch your vehicle sharing business in several weeks with the leading tech provider

We provide a proven turnkey solution to launch and scale your own sharing and digital rental business.

  • Launch your service in 6 weeks

  • Software customized  for your business

  • Define business rules and customize them anytime you need

  • Trusted by 30+ companies in 10 countries

Vehicle Sharing Software

Customize 90+ parameters

your currency, pricing, bonus policy, zones of operation, languages, logo and more

from signing papers to launching your business

Our solution is reliable, flexible and constantly evolving. It helps you to focus on developing your business.

Our technology is designed to make carsharing more automated and less time-consuming for you and your clients.

No set-up fee — you pay a fixed fee for every connected vehicle. You pay less when your fleet grows.

Connect one or more of your car or scooter and try our pilot version for a month. It's absolutely free.

Our customers
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Our platform

CTMS Platform is equipped with everything you need to manage your business real-time:

  • Platform to manage vehicles, customers and follow the stats. App for your maintenance team

    More about Platform
  • IoT device showing vehicle location, speed, and fuel level with remote control of the vehicle

  • Mobile app you can customize and brand the way you want

    More about the app
  • APIs - to integrate with any 3rd party

Who can benefit from CTMS Platform?

Traditional car rental

Car rental companies may start using their fleet more efficiently

Corporate carsharing

Employees can share corporate fleet without involving additional staff

Car dealers

Car dealers who want to get additional revenue stream from their fleet

Taxi companies

Taxi companies willing to create carsharing for taxi drivers


Investors interested in shared mobility business

Municipal authorities

Authorities looking to reduce traffic problems in their area


  • Save time & money on recruiting full team of developers

  • Connect your cars or scooters and try our pilot version for a month for free. You only pay for each vehicle connected to the platform

  • You can connect our system to any 3rd party analytical tool. Analyze metrics to better understand your clients’ behaviors

  • Use our APIs to integrate your CRM with CTMS and plan your marketing activities better. A better understanding of your target audience -> less money wasted on marketing

  • No set-up fee — you pay a fixed fee for every connected vehicle. Ask us about pricing

  • B2B feature opens opportunity to offer vehicle sharing services to corporates

  • Secure access with  different roles & limitations  for your team

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