Multi rent
Our platform gives clients the opportunity to rent multiple vehicles at one time, enabling you to get the benefit of a greater number of rides
Renting scooters and bikes for a group is simple
It's especially helpful when renting electric scooters and bicycles. Usually, groups of family or friends rent the scooters together. If each person has to download the app and sign up, they might decide not to go anywhere. But it's easy when one person in the group uses their smartphone to quickly rent multiple electric scooters or bikes – because with micromobility, it doesn't matter who rented them, but who rode them.
Give customers more options to use your services
For cars, it is important that the registered driver who has signed the contract and uploaded their documents is the one behind the wheel. However, multitenancy can be useful for other instances. For example, when a customer wants to switch to a different model or if the current car is not in good condition. This way, they can reserve a second car without having to finish the rental. Users often rent a nearby car and drive to another more expensive premium model from the carsharing fleet for their journey.
Multi-rent will be essential for our other special feature —
renting without downloading a specific app. All that's needed is to scan the QR code on the scooter, pay, and you're good to go - no registration or app installation necessary. It also makes it easier for your drivers to do their job.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
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