Get money quickly and securely in your account
The way you accept payments plays a critical role in a short-term rental business through the app.
When it comes to processing payments, reliability is key
Hundreds of small and large payments need to be debited from customers' cards every minute, and any malfunction can lead to chaos in the money stream. That's why it's essential to work with an experienced partner – both on the acquiring side and with an IT-solution that integrates with the acquiring. With nearly ten years of experience, we’ve integrated over 15 payment gateways - all of which are currently working seamlessly.
We will take on all these challenges
We have the experience and knowledge to handle payments, both regular and in special situations. We've made sure that switching between payment solutions is easy for customers. Plus, you can use multiple payment gateways at the same time. Our system also has options to work with unpaid invoices and debtors, as well as handling other aspects of payments such as withholdings, refunds and deposits. In some countries, we also manage fiscalization of payments.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
We have repeatedly proven this in practice with dozens of launched projects and years of successful work. Ask our clients who have tried several IT solutions but still remain with us.
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