Implement your marketing and business strategy through our unprecedentedly flexible tariff system
Maximize your Profits with tailor made prices
If you want to make the most money, it's essential to offer each customer the perfect price they're willing to pay in that moment. But you can also boost loyalty and attract more business by giving discounts. Our billing system is highly customizable, so you can provide an unlimited number of tariffs, from prepaid packages to postpaid minute plans. Unlock your potential and design deals that will lead to success!
CT Mobility software allows you to tailor your rates to fit any business model or concept
Our intuitive administration panel allows you to configure an array of variables, including time of day, day of the week, age and driving experience of the client, vehicle model and geo-zones the vehicle is in, downtime and driving style of the client, battery and fuel level in the tank and much more. By adjusting these parameters, you can craft a unique rate for each vehicle and customer at any given moment.
Make use of flexible pricing plans
You can also customize the starting fee, how many kilometers are included, and the cost per kilometer.
Set up deposit before rent
You can establish a holding deposit that will be returned to the customer if they finish their trip without owing any money.
Tailor rate coefficients
Gain greater control over your pricing structure by customizing rate coefficients for individual users or groups, so you can maximize your potential and get the best out of each user all with the simple click of a button.
Take control of your finances and manage debtors
CT Mobility software allows to set up intermediate payments which will avoid the burden of accumulating large debts. If any payments are not successfully deducted from the bank card, operators and client will be alerted and operator may contact the client immediately to arrange for payment. If not paid, the car doors remain locked or the electric scooter will be disconnected from the service until all bills are settled.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
We have repeatedly proven this in practice with dozens of launched projects and years of successful work. Ask our clients who have tried several IT solutions but still remain with us.
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