Efficiently manage your field team
Your technicians also need an app to work in the field. And it should be as convenient and fast as your customers' app
Let your technicians work efficiently
Our platform has such application. It was developed to help the technical team work in the field. Unlike a regular user, a technician needs to have more information about the cars, bikes or scooters. Technicians also have access to car management features which are not available in the users' app.
Technicians have everything what they need on their mobile devices
The map shows not only the cars available for rent but also the ones which were deactivated for different reasons.

Markers on the map help the technician understand what needs to be done with the vehicle: state of the rent, fuel and battery level, planned service works or damages.

Using the app the technicians can open, close, block, unblock, hide the vehicle from the customers or make it available again. They can also see the list of tasks, take pictures to prove the condition of the car.

A technician can reserve multiple vehicles which need service and use them to travel between different service locations.
Configurable permissions
It is always possible to limit technical permissions and show the team only relevant cars. It can be useful for franchise owners who need to restrict access for different franchisees' teams.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
We have repeatedly proven this in practice with dozens of launched projects and years of successful work. Ask our clients who have tried several IT solutions but still remain with us.
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