Attract loyal customers — become a B2B service provider with carsharing
Expand your customer base by adding corporate services
Special rates and rules for your B2B customers
Corporate clients can be great partners for you, who are solvent and disciplined. Their employees, using your service with company expense, will be more responsible users and be less restricted by costs.
Let your B2B customers control their team and spendings
We have an administrative panel where you can give access to companies you have agreed to provide your service with. The company representative can manage employee access, determine which days of the week they can use your service, and control the costs and travel of their employees.
New source of revenue for your business
Take this chance to expand your business - choose a platform that provides all the necessary tools for B2B carsharing! With this opportunity you will gain loyal customers who are invested in your success.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
We have repeatedly proven this in practice with dozens of launched projects and years of successful work. Ask our clients who have tried several IT solutions but still remain with us.
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