Deliver an exceptional experience for your customers with a custom-made and branded app
Let us create the perfect app for your business, tailored to your brand with your colors and logos. We'll make sure it's available in all major app stores, including the App Store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and more.
You can change the appearance of the app anytime
Our application for vehicle sharing is a one-of-a-kind, offering unmatched flexibility and customization capabilities. In just a few minutes, you can give your app a completely new look and feel - there's no need to republish it! Plus, our app is available in multiple languages, so you can easily adjust any text or captions as needed. With our app, the possibilities are truly endless!
Change app design
Experience the convenience of renting without an app with our platform
Our customers can simply scan the QR-code on their preferred scooter, bicycle, moped, or even car and instantly open a screen on their smartphone. Here they will find the rental price, terms and a big button to "Start Renting". Pressing this button allows the user to pay for their ride and automatically link their card for future payments — all while unlocking the vehicle. Users who choose this option will appear in our system as “Anonymous”. But don't worry — they can always enter their details later if they want to track past trips and collect bonuses.

Plus, we've also got a WhatsApp bot that provides all the same features as our app: registering new users, booking cars/scooters/mopeds, managing rentals, uploading photos, and paying for trips! Get ready to take advantage of an easy and convenient rental experience with no app needed!
Multi-renting feature can maximize your revenues
With our app's multi-rental feature, friends and families can now rent scooters and bikes together, unlocking a world of possibilities for entertainment and exploration! This not only enhances the experiences of our customers, but also helps increase our revenues.
Take control of your car access with selfies
With photo-verification enabled, the system will compare the selfies taken during registration with that of the user, providing a secure way for only authorized users to access the car. Our advanced liveness detection ensures that intruders won’t be able to fake selfies and gain access. Empower yourself and stay safe with this innovative technology
Encourage your clients to take photos before and after renting to keep track of your vehicle's condition!
This feature will help you to monitor the condition of your vehicle and ensure users are parking their scooters and cars responsibly. By staying aware and mindful, you can help maintain the quality of your vehicle.
Our app is the essential one-stop shop for short-term rentals —
equipped with a completely customizable map that features car markers, vehicle cards offering flexible rates, and detailed information on the model, fuel/charge level and more. We also provide our users with clear visuals of their journey – no matter the duration – through zones where rides are allowed, bonus zones and zones with extra charges. And you can rest assured that our advanced billing system will keep track of all your transactions and clients can rent a car by minute, days, weeks and even months. With our app, riding has never been so effortless!
The app is a powerful marketing tool for users
Through the app clients may purchase bonus packages, share referral codes, send push notifications and display eye-catching full-screen inapp messages - all within the app itself. Make sure you take advantage of these features to maximize your visibility and reach.
User support
The app enables users to easily connect with your expert support team - whether they prefer a direct chat, voice call, messenger service, or email. With this personalized experience, customers can receive quick and reliable assistance without ever leaving the app.
Increase the number of rentals with Radar
Client can set up parameters, and the app will scan the area to alert the client when something appears in desired range.
CT Mobility Solutions platform is what you need
We have repeatedly proven this in practice with dozens of launched projects and years of successful work. Ask our clients who have tried several IT solutions but still remain with us.
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