Set your own business area
Set up several kinds of geofences, such as travel allowed zones, rental completion zones, bonus zones, and paid rental completion zones.
Draw zones on the map
You can draw an unlimited number of zones on the map in the visual editor. Choose which client group will see each zone and set up a schedule to turn them on and off automatically.
Control you fleet
If a vehicle moves outside of its designated area, the client and operator will receive an alert through email or SMS.
Charge extra for completing outside the zone
If a customer attempts to complete their rental outside the designated parking zone, the app will not allow it. However, if you would like to let client do so, you can set up for clients to pay an additional fee. The amount of the fee depends on how far away from the zone the customer is.
Encourage customers to leave vehicles where you need them most by offering a bonus
This bonus can be credited to the customer when they finish in that area. You can also charge an additional fee if customers choose to leave their vehicles in undesired areas. This is especially useful for paid parking lots like airports.
Set different prices for different locations
You can create a lower rate that customers can use when they travel to the city center from outside the city. You can also create a higher rate for areas with high demand for your services. Furthermore, you can set up fares to automatically change as the car moves through different zones.
Prevent speeding
You can set speed limits in certain areas. If the client is driving a car he will get alerts when he exceeds the limit. For scooters, the limit is applied immediately so the client can't go faster than the set value. All episodes of speeding are recorded in the rider's profile, which may affect their access to certain fares or vehicles.
You can be alerted when the vehicle arrives at the airport
Zones can also be set up to give different notifications to operators, and a record of which vehicles have entered or left those zones can be kept.
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