How to start kick scooter sharing business
To start a kicksharing business, you will need a fleet, a reliable IT solution, a team of professionals and knowledge of the processes.
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It's the perfect time to act!
With 200K population cities, there is still an opportunity to make a difference with vehicle sharing businesses. In the coming years, this industry will be booming. Take advantage of this chance and you'll be ahead of the competition in the years to come.

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Unlock your vision of vehicle sharing business into reality
With CT Mobility, you can have a vehicle sharing service that works for you. Our best-in-class software and operations knowledge will help you establish your vehicle-sharing service quickly and easily scale up as needed. Let us take care of the vehicle-related details so you can focus on your ambitious goals.
Let us take care of the details for you!
We’ve developed strong partnerships with top manufacturers, making sourcing, shipping, and storage of vehicles as convenient as possible. All you need to do is pick a vehicle – and if you need help deciding, our team is here to provide expert advice.
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